Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Discovering Art and Art History: Buying Art

People often ask me to advise them on art purchases. They want to know where they can find high quality works for a good price. It's hard to explain "a good price" or "high quality" but once you've looked at thousands of pieces you start to sort the good from the bad from the ugly (I couldn't help saying that!).

People who ask me about art are interested in owning original works to display in their homes. They might not necessary want an entire collection, but perhaps something to hang over the couch or objects to put on the coffee table that are unique and stimulating. Most of the people I know are my peers too and they are still young and finding their way in the world. They might not have $50,000 to blow on one painting or at all.

Taste in art is highly subjective. I love that there is something for everyone. When starting a collection, buy pieces that you like. Don't buy something as an investment. You are going to have to look at it! You might find great art at flea markets, outdoor summer art/craft shows, or even through friends and family.

One of my favorite places to shop for high quality original artwork is through highly reputable art schools, like the Savannah School of Art and Design that I briefly mentioned here. The paintings below are some of my favorite ones for sale in ShopSCAD. Click the artist name for artist's bio, more details about the work, and how to purchase. All of these paintings are less than $10,000, which seems like a lot but oil painting is still one of the most expensive mediums.

**SCAD also has just about everything design related! Gman and I bought our dishes here and several gifts for friends and family. (These photos are not my own.)

Katherine Sandoz
Waterway Low Tide
Water-based media on birch
7.25" x 7.25"

Monica Cook
Yo Yo
Painted with ink on frosted mylar, framed
24" x 19"

Russ Noto
The Child, the Future, and the Unfamiliar
Oil on canvas
6 ft. x 6 ft.

Jane Winfield
Industrial enamel. latex house paint, acrylic on wood panel
36" x 24"

JenMarie Zeleznak
I Fade From Myself, and Miss You Again, 2011
Watercolor pencil on paper
55” x 51”


  1. Great artists! I also love the site Ugallery.com and jen beckman's 20x200.

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