Friday, February 24, 2012

Shoe Love: JCrew Ballets

After writing this Fort Myers, Florida wardrobe post, it was all too tempting to not to purchase these darling JCrew ballet flats. I stalked them for a while, then tried them on with everything in the store, as if I needed convincing. Finally, I snatched 'em up last weekend during the 20% off sale.

I bought them with the intention of using them as commuter shoes, but they were so cute with my work clothes that I ended up ditching my heels two days in a row (gasp)!


  1. Love these! Such a classic ballet flat.

  2. I LOVE ballet flats, always! These are the next color I want - that and a poppy red color (I bought black)!

  3. I was debating color vs nude... and I went with my comfort zone ;)

  4. These flats are looking simple and they are wearing comfortable. We can walk easily with these flats.


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