Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wardrobe: Savannah Smiles

Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses, Madewell blouse, Kate Spade ring, Twelfh St. by Cynthia Nixon flats, JCrew bag, Anthropologie skirt

When I think of Georgia, I think of my paternal grandmother, Anne, and great grandmother (her mother), Florence. They are both still alive, in fact, my great grandmother turned 99 on Monday! Despite their humble upbringings they are proper Southern ladies through and through.

So when I thought about this Savannah style post I though to myself, what would grandma wear? Well back in her day she, and her mother, would wear something classic. They would choose something that was not trendy but that they could wear for years and years so as to get their money's worth. Florence used to save up her money to take trips to Atlanta to buy her favorite fabrics then bring them home to make her own clothes. Most of my furniture and some of my accessories are items that she carefully considered purchasing throughout the 20th century. I wear her bracelets everyday and remember this bag? Timeless.

So when I think of Georgia style, I imagine a wardrobe of effortless cotton dresses and pants that can be worn comfortably in the blazing hot summer or layered when the temperature drops. I imagine pieces you can relax in while sipping sweet tea on a wrap-around porch or take a stroll in through town.

I love the classic elements to these pieces, but with very contemporary colors and textures. Savannah is home to an art college after-all so you can have a bit of fun. This a-line skirt of patterned neutrals makes me anticipate spring even more than I am (although it has been warmer...) I spotted these shoes at a shop while I was there and have been thinking about them ever since. To carry home all your treasures, a nice big shopping tote will certainly come in handy.

My great-grandfather used to always have hankies in his back pockets. I love the idea of carrying one with Gman's monogram around with me. This classic style would do just fine.

And can we talk about how freakin' fabulous those snakeskin sunglasses are?!


  1. Love the outfit, especially the skirt. And the idea of carrying a handkerchief in your purse.

  2. LOVE that outfit! And that J Crew bag looks like the Céline.. and I don't know what size shoe you are but I'm just going to leave this here:


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