Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Weekend Recap: friends and fashion

Sorrelli jewlery

TJMaxx shop

photo courtesy of A Loyal Love
A Loyal Love

fellow DC ladies, Allix of The District and Cheralee of Lyle Style

As you may know, I went up to New York City this weekend. I had the intention of stalking fashion week and attend the Blogger Night Out event on Friday night. I did attend the event (with A Loyal Love) but I decided it was more important to spend the rest of the weekend with my dear friends in the city. Also it was snowy and we wore rain boots all weekend. 

Some of you asked me about Blogger Nigh Out, here is my list of pros and cons:
Pros: great music, handsome bartender, stylish women, beautiful jewelry, and delicious ginger vodka drinks
Cons: most of the attendants weren't as friendly as I was expecting and it was too dark to actually shop for the jewelry. However, the ladies I did meet were lovely and I enjoyed myself over all.
On Saturday, after a long brunch, shopping (I want everything in the JCrew spring line. Also JCREW AND MANOLO COLLABORATION?! Yes please), and napping, Tammy and I met up with the ladies for some pizza at Keste, beers at Wilfie and Nell, and finally grabbed some Tecates at the Rusty Knot. It turned out to be just what we needed and I didn't even miss the fab shoes on the runways (well, maybe a little ;)!

I'll have to tell you about our hotel experience later this week too...


  1. Had a great time meeting you gals! =) Keep in touch!

  2. Hey Jamie! Great seeing and chatting you last night at the CapFabb event. We gotta do it again! :oD


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